FastRTTI for FPC
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Maciej Izak
2018-08-16 19:26:21 UTC

in response to the topic "Attn Sven: New flags related to management
2018-06-28 22:10 GMT+02:00 Sven Barth via fpc-devel <
Sorry that it took me so long, but I wanted to reread your proposed
FastRTTI changes before deciding and I only found the time this evening.
I'm currently indeed leaning towards option 2.
This is good info.
If you want to prepare this you can of course do it in a way that allows
to easily add in your other FastRTTI changes at a later date (though those
are still a bit up for debate (lessthe principal idea, more the concrete
This is good info too. So we can keep all gathered information about
"managed things" in compiler without producing final FastRTTI (only
mentioned table of initialization operators - which is special).
I agree that implementation in details may change and is for debate.
In early July I will prepare code base for both : FPC trunk and NewPascal,
I just want to say that I am not able to do this patch for FPC (or any
other patch) - there is no technical reason but rather sense of injustice
in many aspects (finally FastRTTI is important part of my ban).

IMO The best solution from topic "Attn Sven: New flags related to
management operators" ATM is option 3 :

3. moving "Flags: TRecordInfoInitFlags;" into private section of record in
TypInfo module, it can be removed in the future (if needed) without
breaking backward compatibility for users code.

FPC will stay with improper / slower solution for the problem (until
someone will decide to solve this in proper way).

I need to inform that I am not allowed (this is not my decision) to use
fpc-devel / fpc-pascal anymore to inform about progress/announcements of my
work for my branches of FPC (or anything related to NewPascal) so if
someone is interested in news about more optimal management operators
should rather track http://newpascal.org or
https://plus.google.com/+MaciejIzak .
Best regards,
Maciej Izak